Multilateral eTwinning Contact Seminar in Poland

We have a pleasure to say, that our project was shown as "good practice examples" during Multilateral eTwinning Contact Seminar "ICT tools in early education", 2-5 July 2015, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland.



Summer Safety Lessons for Kids

Hansel and Gretel retold and ilustrated by e-twinners

Once upon a time a very rich man lived in a big house in the forest with his two children, Hansel and Gretel. They had everything they wanted – theirfavourite food was sweets. They ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and that is why they were fat. What’s more, they spent most of their time at home playing computer games. One day, their father told Hansel and Gretel to go to the greengrocer’s and buy some fruit and vegetables because they are healthy. They were angry at his dad and they were complaining:
“Oh no, it’s such a long way… I’m so tired…” said Gretel.
“I don’t want to go there. Dad should buy those fruits and vegetables – not me and you” said Hansel to Gretel.
On their way to the shop, they saw a strange cottage in the middle of the forest. When they came closer, they saw that the fence was made of bananas, the roof of the house was made of cucumbers, the windows were made of carrots, the walls were made of strawberries and the door was made of plums. There was also a big garden with flowers made of apples and plums.
“Maybe we will take the fruit and vegetables from this house and go home quickly. What do you think?” said Hansel.
“It’s a great idea.” replied Gretel.
They came closer. When Gretel was trying to break off some strawberries she thought about telling a lie to the owner of the house who appeared to welcome them. Maybe the lady also had some sweets that they loved so much and they could have both!

Hansel and Gretel: Hello lady, we`re lost and away from home!
Lady : Welcome to my house! Where are you from?
Kids: We are from the city. We are so hungry. Can we have something to eat?
Lady :Yes, of course! My house is made of food. Can`t you see ?
Kids : Is there any chocolate?
Lady: No, I`m sorry there isn`t. It`s bad for children`s teeth, I`m sure you know that.
Kids: Have you got any ice cream?
Lady: No, I haven't! But I've got plenty of fruit and vegetables!
Hansel: Yuck! We hate fruit and veggies! We love sweets and pastries!
Gretel: Come on Hansel! Let's go home and eat our sweets!
But the Lady is a good fairy and she cares that all the children can be fit and healthy.
Lady: Stop children! Stay here, you can't go home until you are fit and healthy! Come into my house, please!
The children come into the house and see...
Bikes, balls, skipping ropes, scooters and skateboards in the hall! And baskets with fruit and vegetables in the kitchen! And toothbrushes and toothpaste in the bathroom!

Hansel and Gretel are angry!
Kids: Oh no, horrible things!
Lady: Come on, children! Go out and play ball, ride the bikes, skip the ropes... It's fun!

The garden was so beautiful, there was even a tree house on top of a cherry tree.

Kids decided to play: there were so many things to do to have fun. They ran, jumped, climbed until they were exhausted. The only thing they could do was to take a nap in the tree house. And they went fast asleep…

“Hello, Hansel, Hello Gretel”
“ What! who!” the kids were surprised to see they were surrounded by a big, happy, colorful company.
“Don`t you know us? We are the Cherry brothers and sisters. There are lots of us on this tree. We are red and juicy, kids love us and we also make delicious juice!”
“ I also make tasty juice. I am big and orange and help you get over the flu. My mame is Orangina”
“And I am Lemonato. I am Orangina`s cousin, I go in salad dressings and also make juice with a special flavor. And this is Tangerina. We belong to the citrus fruit, we are juicy and tasty, full of vitamins C,A,B,E –we can nourish you from head to toes!
“ I am Bananoula. I am yellow, tall and slim.I have got so many vitamins A,B,C,E that I consist a full nutritious snack!”
“My name is Patatitsa. I know I am not so pretty because I am brown and badly shaped. I also look dirty as I come straight from the soil. But I go in so many different meals and kids love me !”….
"You must know me well, I am the famous Pearo. You can eat me raw or in fruit salad with syrup, jam for your breakfast and I will make your skin shiny-your heart and bones strong!"
"I am definitely the queen of summer fruits, full of water, that`s why your stomach gurgles when you eat me. I can cool you in the hot summer days –try me instead of juice! Watermelina is my name!"
"I am also a summer fruit, very popular in Greece,Peachita is my name. I have anti-aging vitamins and can send away your stress. Fluffy or bald, try me in fruit salad or juice as well!"
"And I am Strawberrieta. I am so delicious and full of flavor. You can eat me with cream, sugar or icy.And if your teeth have turned yellow, I will whiten them for you!"


Be safe !!!

As the holiday is coming, kids prepared some tips how to lead a healthy life and, more importantly, be safe on the road.

Let's go cycling !

The best way to keep fit and have some fun all together with friends and teachers.
Furthermore a police officer came to school to explain us the most important rules to be safe on the road.


Milk and dairy in your diet

Milk and dairy products, such as cheese and yoghurt, are great sources of protein and calcium.

Making bread - pupils from Greece

Bread ,a basic part of our diet. Kids with the help of their teacher made their own bread in a breadmaking appliance, learned about ingredients and recipes and enjoyed the fresh bread in class-the smell in the air was so tempting!